maria veronica silvestri

A Dominican-Italian raised in the Dominican Republic. I graduated from Cornell with a B.S. in 2019, and from CUNY with an M.A. in 2022.

I've been working as an SEO Specialist at Cigar Country for a little over a year, and have been working in e-commerce for nearly 7 years.



My paintings

These are my favorites, but check out the whole collection. These are currently all over the place - some in the DR, some in New York, some in other states. Glad my art can be as international as I am. If you're interested in any pieces, let me know. If it's not available, I can make you one inspired by it.

i want to go home

December 2021

the drip finally stops

October 2021

damage control

May 2021

I started Fake Zine in October of 2020 - it's come a long way since then. It started as an advice & stories blog. Now it's more of a collection of zines.

I enjoy writing, and I'd say I'm a great storyteller - I'd like to make a career out of it someday. Fake Zine came about as a way of sharing my writing, art, and self with everyone. I'm not the warmest individual, so this was a step towards becoming more open and vulnerable with those around me. My own little psychology experiment.

Fake Zine just recently underwent some renovations. Volume 1 is out now, volume 2 is coming soon.


What does it mean to be professional? Is it going to college? It is your position at a company? All of it is arbitrary and based on systems created by people we will never meet. If you look up the definition, it's simply having the skill to be a professional, and being a professional is belonging to a profession. So, technically, anyone can be a professional as long as you call what you do a profession.

I can do almost anything and everything. I have more skills than I could list, although I did attempt to list them on my resume.

I got my Bachelor of Science degree in 2019. My B.S. says Education and Public Health - that's partly true. I majored in Independent Studies, meaning I designed my own major. Education & Public Health were my focus. I just got my M.A. in Developmental Psychology, and boy, was it a challenge.

I am also working at Cigar Country full-time, managing Fake Zine, and painting occasionally. I'm always juggling various projects, so check in often.